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Application Integration Services

To Maintain pace with the changing business environment and to meet the escalating customer demands organizations, enterprises and businesses should have the ability to respond quickly and accommodate this changing environment. At Octave Technologies, we understand for doing this in right manner you need to have an enterprise architecture that permits you a smooth inflow of information between various businesses departments and geographical locations.

This is the reason Octave Technologies provides Application Integration Services to help different organizations working in different verticals to enhance their business growth. We have mastered our skills in providing end-to-end Application Integration Services by focusing on four critical elements of business operations like Business, people, process and IT.

Social Media Integration
Octave Technologies has excelled in the Social Media Integration Platform for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In. We as a team provide properly set up social accounts, develop a social media plan, develop a social media policy, set up account permissions and security as well monitor listen and track insights in your community. In addition, the fine work of our dedicated team will also help you in building brand or design for your social media accounts that matches with your companies look by making sure that your business stays on top of the ever-changing social media strategies.

Iron Speed
Octave Technologies has a talented pool of taskforce experts in Design, Implementation and Development using IronSpeed Designer. Not to mention but they are backed by the equivalent brilliant testers, developers , graphic/web designers and project managers to make sure the timely delivery and highest quality compiled in your project based in IronSpeed. With us, you can be sure of designing, developing and deploying of feature rich completely customized web based applications in time and that too in cost effective ways.

DotNet Nuke
You might be aware that DotNetNuke is an open source content management system with fully developed community and more thousands of registered users worldwide. This system is developed on the Microsoft ASP.Net platform and uses various databases for the storage and management of the content being cheap in cost it reduces the total cost of development. At Octave Technologies we have skilled professionals who are well acquainted with DotNetNuke web application framework written in VB.NET for ASP.NET and can be used on ASP.Net 2.0,3.0 and3.5 platforms using Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer.

We boost ourselves in building and creating DotNetNuke modules tailored to meet your business needs. Our services in the development of DotNetNuke modules are extended in providing Custom Web application Development, Business Logic and Data Integration, Business Process Integration, Third Party Application Integration and Professional DotNetNuke support.

Blogs (BlogEngine, WordPress)
There is no denial that blogs have an immense potential to increase your website page ranking and that is why your website is incomplete without integrating blogs. One of other the reasons that compel you to have blogs in your website are there recent outcome as one of the powerful search engine tools.

At Octave Technologies, we are proficient in the use of BlogEngine.Net, which is an open source ASP.NET 2.0 blogging platform along with WordPress, which is again Open source blogging platform.

Our Skilled and experienced team of professionals well versed with both these blogging platforms provide certain services in this particular niche. Services that you can expect from us in blogs consists of immense efforts to make sure your blogs stands out from the competition, Style and design your blog in line with your company’s corporate image, Custom WordPress and BlogEngine themes and widgets as well special services support for the BlogEngine and creation of sub text blog platforms.

CMS Integration (SiteFinity, Umbraco, Kentico)
Content Management System is the vital part of your business and using leading edge technology like SiteFinity, Umbraco and Kentico our experts are ready to deliver the highest quality results when it comes to CMS Integration services.

Being ASP.NET based content management system our experts having years of hands on experience in this technology they have developed skills and expertise to use SiteFinity, Umbraco and Kentico as ASP.NET based CMS. We know the importance of site speed and loading time and therefore our CMS Integration services will make sure you get the best optimizing caching, optimizing browser rendering and minimizing roundtrips as well payload when you rely on Robustek Solutions.

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